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Micro to medium-sized businesses fuel a large portion of the economy. One of the single largest challenges facing many of these business leaders is the lack of practical, seasoned and timely advice. These business leaders can all benefit from peer communication to gain insights and solutions from professionals who can speak of similar situations through first-hand experience.

I focus on providing practical solutions to your strategic opportunities and challenges, by enabling the sharing of many cumulative years of related business experience. You and I will work together to create, implement, adjust and stay on track to achieve your personal and business success goals.

A Business Advisor is just like a sporting coach…

A sporting coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition does not anticipate.

A sporting coach will make you run more laps than you feel like. A sporting coach will tell it like it is. And a sporting coach will listen.

The role of a Business Advisor is to coach business owners to improve their business through guidance, support and encouragement. I will help owners of micro, small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will make you focus on the game.

Business owners find it hard enough to keep pace with all the changes and innovations going on in today's world, let alone to find the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning and team management, and then to run their businesses as well!

As the world of business moves faster and becomes more competitive, having a Business Advisor is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity. Based on many proven sales, marketing and business management systems, I will work with you to increase your revenues and profits while simultaneously helping to develop your business so that you, as the owner, can work less and relax more.

I can become your marketing manager, your sales director, your training coordinator; your confidant, your mentor.

Together I will help you achieve your dreams…

The rewards for effective business coaching transcend to quality of life for owners.

What is a Family Business Advisor?

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Selected Achievements

Among others...

Source Medical Corporation

Consulted with Director, National Logistics to help solution Y2K [and SARS] issues; including from overall space procurement to management of the process, allowing for timely availability of products for effective delivery in critical environments.

Rooster & Firkin

Coached on strategic initiatives to maximize profits as well as maintaining and motivating staff. Topics included inventory management, operating systems and human relations.

Nardinis Salon & Spa

Collaborated in structuring marketing programs and assisted in developing ad copy and game plan for growth. Successfully guided their move from a small indoor mall location to full services salon & spa.

Express Air-Marine

Consulted and coached with and then structured game plan for individual’s exit from corporate world to entrepreneurial venture. Assisted in formalizing goals and marketing vision to achieve these.


Created business plan and collaborated with owners to ensure this startup achieved national exposure including TV media and total market distribution coverage to help maximize brand recognition for this sound proofing drywall venture. Provided ongoing marketing support, creating steady flow of requests for product information sessions.

Zannata Painting

Guided in restructuring of business to allow for sustained future growth and assisted with financial planning to ensure new goals were achieved.

Visex Transportation

Managed a national transportation firm after setting vision and matching systems for its unique service offerings. Later negotiated effective sale of enterprise to a public company.

Unique IT solutions

Consulted and coached business owner on take over and management of an existing business, ensuring no loss of existing clients while at the same time expanding brand width.


Collaborated with inventor of revolutionary new hair care product on patenting and marketing strategies, including entering into exclusive distribution with national and global distributors, and coached in increasing brand depth.

Jaguar Messenger

Created a market niche in full-service messenger services then subsequently acquired several companies for successful integration and eventual conversion into providers of these leading services.

LogImpact Solution

Coached and consulted with software designer to help position new product within the right arena to ensure successful marketability while creating a national database to which the product would be marketed. Created successful website for product to be viewed and tested by potential clients.

Axiom Logistics

Created and managed a unique top-tier warehousing & fulfillment business offering complete closed-loop services while preparing for Canada-wide acquisitions with a view to rolling out these logistics services coast-to-coast.

Ywait Enterprise

Coached owners on doing business in English Canada and converted their French site to include English equivalent while assessing products and recommending proper marketing approach, subsequently physically taking product to market through electronic, print and tradeshow mediums.

Lean Innovations

Coached on how to create a unique business model and effectively make products available to desired market culminating in successful launch and sustained growth.

DVB Agencies

Coached on possible acquisitions and investments ensuring a balanced, unemotional dialogue on potential targets / opportunities resulting in better business decisions resulting in reduced potential liabilities with increased levels of ROI.

USDS Canada

Responsible for sourcing out possible acquisition targets and their integration into a domestic courier network. Culminated in securing several relationships that enhanced the US parent’s offering of a complete North American delivery network.

Sales Factor Enterprises

Coached how to generate market interest via social media, webinars and teleseminars using guest’s speakers presenting relevant support services to endear future clients. Created methodology to gain ownership of independent contract agent’s data base for long-term business security.

eTime Energy

Advised and executed turnaround including change management and redirection to a sales agent/distribution model from a sales/installation focus. Created operating tools to generate and manage higher proposal flow through and increased customer experience.

Quik X Transportation

Strategized and managed build out of complete new 3PL warehousing business unit to complement corporate culture and mission to maximize share of customer and customer life value. Functions included lease negotiations, design, fit up, operating and human asset acquisition, operating platform selection and protocols creation.


…more available upon request.

Markets Touched

Salon & Spa, Restaurant, Messenger, Warehousing, Building Products, Information Products, Trucking,  Software, Inventor Support, Health Care, Funeral Home, Painting, Information Technology,  Distribution, Intellectual Property,  Sporting Goods, among others.

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"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."