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A Consultant must be able to empathize, understand and execute directives.

Over the past 25 years I have come to realize that people requesting assistance fall into 4 categories:


1.  Those that really do not have a concern once they try to articulate it

2.  Those that cannot quantify the concern they feel or believe they may have

3.  Those that can solve a concern on their own once they understand what it is

4.  Those that have a quantifiable concern but do not have the time, ability or resources to resolve it


A consultant can help you walk through that process, but ultimately gets involved and assists when it comes time to execute the game plan.

Consultants have the added benefit of approaching sensitive topics and projects without management having the fear of employees disdain landing directly on their shoulders.

By any other name consultants are independent contractors doing what employee’s might, but when the task at hand is completed, are either reassigned or released with no further liability on the company.

As your consultant, I will treat you to honest and practical conversations as to my progress, findings and recommendations. My wealth of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments gives me a dual perspective on every project I engage in.

I have managed many projects in several industries and at various levels and am comfortable in almost any scenario.

Departmentalizing for the greater good works best if everyone is consulted.

What is a Consultant?

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