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Selected Achievements From Various Operations

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Coordinated supplier/manufacturer relations to effectively supply and deliver raw goods to factory for timely manufacture of products.

Ensured accurate weights and measures for all products to comply with future shipping documents for accuracy in payloads and cost invoicing.

Negotiated domestic rates for movement of specialized crated orders.

Organized international trade partners and procedures to allow for timely and efficient transportation logistics.

Tabulated local and state taxes for proper cross-border shipping duties and levies ensuring booked profits matched realized numbers.

Engaged trans-border brokers for proper movement of goods in accordance with current NAFTA rules.

Used effective PRM skills to ensure implementation of operational programs for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Structured operating procedures and handling protocols for localized warehouses coast-to-coast to accommodate specialized receiving of high value moisture sensitive and damage prone products.

Negotiated volume pricing and space allocations for dynamic volumes fluctuating based on growing, but inconsistent up-trending market demand.

Secured over 150 distributors Canada-wide, negotiating with them to become satellite warehouses thereby removing warehousing costs from corporate P&L saving over $300,000 per year.

Ensured all transportation logistics costs were properly accounted for, and integrated into dealer sell through pricing.

Entered into flexible short-term delivery agreements with truckers and rail services and worked with brokerage firms to support deliveries during periods of load imbalances keeping customer service commitment.

Set policies procedures for handling and damage of goods and handled off setting claims with carriers and warehouses.

Worked with national big box chains for effective off-hour deliveries to ensure compliance with customer service commitments and delivery agent restrictions.

Coordinated truck runs to maximize logistics costs for clients and reduce handling/claims of products.

Arbitrated transport claims between manufacturer and receiver where necessary.

Structured 3rd party line haul and local delivery arrangement to meet delivery advertised delivery matrix.

Secured ‘buy-in’ of standardized operating protocols with over 30 unique, Canada-wide delivery agents, to provide 98% on-time deliveries coast-to-coast.

Created territories by postal code for P&D operations for defined driver responsibilities eliminating all cross-pick/delivery errors.

Worked with Canada Post postal code guide for geographic postal code pricing and service matrix thus becoming definitive in pricing, billing and receivables.

Designed a customized AR/AP system around postal codes to get the most accurate revenue stream possible ensuring error free invoicing resulting in on-time payments with no losses earned on transactions.

Created customized software to integrate operations, customer service and administration to create first confirmed graduated delivery charges based on actual delivery times.

Created first WSIB approved driver agreement for independent contractors eliminating risk of independent contractor fines.

Integrated 4-service dispatch system with proprietary software to connect all services and resulting in zero down-time.

Managed in-house expedite, refer, dry van , local messenger, courier on one billing/tracking system allowing for tremendous synergies as well as the largest share of customer possible.

Created office-link system to offer latest overnight P&D services in the SW Ontario region, maximizing revenues.

Worked with wireless carrier to create the first wireless data retrieval capabilities which prioritized P&D orders, creating the first ‘real-time’ delivery system and highest degree of control on delivery personnel.

Structured SBU’s throughout the region to offer largest ‘local’ delivery area coverage, resulting in tightest delivery controls, more aggressive client pricing, higher revenues and increased bottom line.

Managed a 24/7/365 operation through corporate entity systems and procedures ensuring like-minded management for consistency of performance.

Conceived of Canada-wide general storage warehousing under single billing mandate to offer national accounts a single logistics supplier.

Designed and tuned each facility to maximize both operational and administrative revenue stream, including facility cube, operational systems and transparent facility/client connectivity.

Prepared RFQ’s to successfully land Fortune 500 clients for warehousing, pick pack and fulfillment and long term tenancy contracts.

Created operations protocols and mandates to keep shrinkage to less than 1/100 of one percent.

Initiated the first ‘hand scanner’ technology to control costs and to create accurate project costing and billing details.

Managed food grade policies, FIFO, double racking, tilt racking, carrousel picking.

Secured strong 4th party solutions for overflow capabilities in times of severe volumes to maintain client services.

Interconnected multiple locations with operations, administration and transportation to drive efficiencies.

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