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Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker


Customer experience is on the mind of every client—make them feel catered to.

Selected Overviews From Intrinsically Different Businesses

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COMPANY A  (Treadmills)

I was responsible for the strategic and tactical roll out of this complete SBU. Through market analysis, structured business logistics, marketing mix, branding design, market intelligence, and sales generation systems. It had a 2 year target of $5,000,000 in sales.


Performed cost benefit analysis and business cases studies to determine best and worst case solutions resulting in first year sales exceeding $1,000,000 forecast.

Provided technical expertise in the design, development and implementation of sales literature, marketing planning from overall customer experience systems to brand depth.

Developed corporate and client business case studies and provided ROI analysis, suggestions and implementation protocols for products, training programs and maintenance regimes to assist in customer acquisition.

Demonstrated planning, organizational and time management skills from component procurement to installation of product ensuring positive customer experience and future revenue stream.


COMPANY B  (Drywall)

It was my job to ensure market acceptance of these high-end products quickly. This included market analysis, conceptualizing strategies and executing tactical mandates to drive demand, supported by timely supply, and to operate profitably while maintaining a positive cash flow.


Identified, evaluated and resolved escalated problems related to sales planning such as delayed production and delivery ensuring customer experience was lightly impacted.

Developed working relations with regional and global systems and automation departments in procurement and distribution channel to generate ease and accuracy of billing.

Used MS Office to produce, implement and deliver client presentations, dealer price metrics and operating P&L.

Utilized excellent interpersonal, human relations and negotiation skills to secure a nation-wide dealer network endearing products to big box retailers and garnering trust of media personalities for inclusion in TV media.

Led management in the development of objectives, strategies and tactics in keeping with corporate and sales goals and priorities, to drive brand width and incremental revenue in verticals.

Created measurement programs for sales objectives to increase sales and improve contributions.

Utilized effective PRM to ensure implementation of sales, marketing and operational programs, as well as systems for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


COMPANY C (Logistics)

My primary responsibility was to effectively analyze changing market SWOT and to customize sales and marketing systems to ensure continued positive customer experience as well as reduce cross-over redundancies and maximize synergies to the benefits of each individual SBU and to maximize customer life value.  With sales nearing $30,000,000, in up to seven locations, I also held direct line responsibility for sales and marketing planning for each SBU, and dealt with direct reports and board of directors, ensuring the overall changing corporate vision had a buy-in from all stakeholders. Relevant SBU dates are noted in each Overview below.


Possessed excellent analytical skills to identify future trends and successfully structured business units to profit accordingly.

Led various department/division initiatives and worked with management groups and other regional suppliers to ensure best course of action was recommended and implemented to all stakeholders’ benefit.

Used excellent written communication and presentation skills to structure the Groups in-depth Policies and Procedures manuals in keeping with explosive growth.

Worked with management and other departments to identify required changes and make necessary adjustments and recommendations for client and corporate benefit, including new technologies, services and procedures. 

Designed and implemented measurements for performance and compensation for all positions in all business units including unique rewards and productivity programs for sales reps, drivers, dock workers and office team.

Developed, evaluated and implemented Service and Rate Guide to improve customer understanding, personal selling success and increased cross over sales.

Assumed a primary leadership role with sales planning professionals and field sales representatives, implementing various new sales methods and key documentation for success measurement, including perfecting selling methods.

Multitasked in managing 3 market segments through 7 facilities ensuring multiple assignments completed timely in diverse priority environments.


COMPANY D (Courier)

I directly liaised with senior management and customers to bring this new service concept successfully to market. It pioneered its core service segment in Canada and was eventually purchased by a public company, then reacquired and subsequently resold.


Created complex rate guides and marketing literature, including sales compensation, sales programs and proposals, tools and technology as well as customer proposals.

Utilized project management techniques, statistical analysis and performance metrics generation supported by detailed rate guides and service matrixes in order to enhance the customer experience.

Developed and managed databases used for various marketing, sales, strategic planning and tactical implementation and customer experience analysis leading to creation of niches market offerings.

Compiled and analyzed sales data and historical trends to develop accurate forecasts and to improve awareness of important sales trends to capture higher share of customer and customer life logistics value.

Provided hands-on training and direction to all levels of operation, marketing, administration and sales departments to ensure adherence to integrated target objectives, policies and procedures.

Led user acceptance testing for local and regional onsite software/hardware roll outs to improve future service offerings.


COMPANY E (Messenger)

I was responsible for setting the strategic landscape for market penetration, executing the tactical plan, operating systems, software platforms, and the hands-on management of directors deploying key initiatives. This business was launched to maximize customer life value. It became an industry leader in its field due to its pre-eminent and proprietary software.


Led the preparation and delivery of customer proposals in a timely manner where the integrity of information was verified and audited through the creation of an industry leading Service and Rate guide.

Developed various compensation scenarios through computer modeling and statistical analysis for sales rate grids tied to driver compensation ensuring profit standards met managements targets.

Assessed and measured key components by product type, methodology and financial impact and created software parameters to allow for effective monitoring and improvements.

Worked with all levels of management team to improve sales, operations and administrative objectives and processes to reduce costs and improve profits.

Through personal selling techniques secured major accounts, extend brand width and created business verticals.

Worked well under tight deadlines in changing priority and often stressful environments to solution tasks to management’s satisfaction.



My responsibilities surrounded sales planning and analyzing, profiling multinational Canadian businesses interested in a one-stop, single-source solution. Negotiating effective asset procurement and leasing contracts was paramount to this SBU’s success and one of my top priorities. With up to 5 centers was used to successfully cross-sell a higher share of customer.


Conducted in-depth analysis and developed systems models to track orders, process completion, project labour expense and billing details.

Analyzed and prepared proposals for large and very large customers such as a global logistics supplier, a national Canadian sports chain, a leading food distributor and a global greeting cards company to secure profitable $1,000,000 account business deals.

Recommended, planned, developed, implemented and led sales planning and customer experience programs designed to grow revenue including pricing matrix, operational standards and customer service polices.

Led sales programs and initiatives and ensured programs were operating within budget on a multiplatform service offering including pick pack and fulfillment, long-term warehousing, special handling and dedicated front office leasing.

Developed and compiled reports for customers and senior management on areas of sales planning such as sales performance, productivity, compensation and customer proposals for common and custom programs to identify inequities, failures and successes.

Managed detailed data manipulation and analysis, project modeling with superior management skills.


"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but by perseverance."