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Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker


Today’s social media allows brand recognition from a multitude of platforms.

Selected Achievements From Various Industries

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Text Box: Integrated into new industry by interviewing competitors to gain valuable SWOT information to understand market potential and create profitable, yet market leading price lists, during product introductory stage.
Marketed growing line of products using Web 2.0, social media and educational-based marketing concepts to successfully secure over 1,000 qualified leads, and in the process leading to the shuttering of one competitor in the first year.
Using personally created marketing literature, took advantage of leading market indicators to successfully create buzz in a niche market generating immediate social proof and securing over $1,000,000 in sales Y1.
Gained TV personalities trust and support, appearing on 3 episodes of Holmes on Homes, elevating product legitimacy to be additionally consumer driven, resulting in record breaking 50% quarter over quarter sales increases, year over year for 3 years running. 
Designed dedicated Web sites, content and pricing to ensure market-friendly competition between dealers to allow for stable channel pricing while allowing for volume distribution through big box retailers leading to $7,455,000,000 in sales in the 3rd year – a 100% growth rate from the previous year.
Designed sales literature and quotations consistent with customer’s demands to secure $1,230,000 in new sales Y1.
Created an all encompassing Service and Rates guide for company representative’s use as educational-based marketing tool to become first in the segment to reflect definitive services and assessorial charges, leading to sales of $2,230,000 Y2.
Structured local niche verticals to maximize coincidence of delivery to reduce costs for more effective and profitable price marketing, while creating a successful cartel approach to secure hold-outs.
Through data collection and SWOT analysis, identified marketing partners and acquisitions leading to explosive growth of over 3,000% in the last 5 years.
Integrated creative content into 6 Web sites I designed to create a credible story for reverse-marketing initiatives, each targeting with a different demographic within our niche, including one market leading blog generating 200 calls for product information per month.
Ensured of ethical and moral permission-based opt-in marketing to gain rapid brand recognition by adhering to stringent CMA, CSPA standards, resulting in a data base of over 11,000 accepting, enthusiastic and loyal followers. 
Created long-term value by securing product inclusion in education curriculum and best selling books, to ensuring recognition as legitimate products and educating future customers.

Member Canadian Marketing Association & Chief Marketing Council

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"Education is of no value and talent is worthless - unless you have an unwavering aim. Never find yourself without a compass."