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The product launch is a series of controlled communiqués between you and your customer. It is a formula.


From the first teaser - to the offer - to the sale – to a relaunch; it is an articulated and proven system of timely events.


Understanding your customer’s needs and objections prior to the launch is paramount to positioning the offer for the best actual, and perceived, value to them.


And having your customer’s TELL you their needs and objections in advance ensures a successful product launch.


Adding a scarcity component to the offer invigorates interest and builds demand for launch day. With timely releases of bonuses in the various stages of the launch, you make the buying decision a matter of “when - not “if.”


In many respects you are inherently already a product launch expert.


You apply the principals each and every day in you personal and business life. As people, we are always selling.


We sell our significant other on why we should be allowed to buy that thing we really want [but don’t really need].


We continually sell our peers on our social and moral values and our attributes for personal gain and we sell our children on why they should listen to our advice for their gain.


And it all started when you were just old enough to try and sell your parents on buying that “little something” you wanted.


In fact, boiled down to its primal basics, this type of selling is product launching at its best.

Don’t believe me?


Did you ever give up something to get your way? Think about it. Did you know your goals? How about the other party’s weakness? Did you have the objections covered in advance? Were you successful?


Of course you were. You had a plan - the formula to sell your idea. Perhaps it was not articulated or scripted, but it was a formula nonetheless. And that “giveaway” – the thing that you gave up to get your way - that was what we call the Bonus Offer, the Freemium!


Selling a product is exactly the same, except you are exchanging $’s for goods, so the plan, better known as ‘the formula,’ must be even more compelling, more targeted and more controlled.



As your Product Launch Manager I assume full responsibility for successfully managing every detail of your launch.


We’ll work together to coordinate and design a launch that:


· Gets the prospects absolute attention

· Positions you as the expert

· Creates trust and respect

· Develops a sense of reciprocity

· Establishes social proof

· Answers the objections

· Negotiates the price point

· Introduces scarcity

· Explains the offer

Effective product launching can establish a product and drive cash quickly.

What is a Product Launch?

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