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Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker


As President (transportation)

Visionary approach to entering domestic market by focusing on providing regular priced yet premium services, led to exceptional success as the system processed up 31,000 items per night.

To gain market growth, sought out partners for expansion culminating in company sale to a public company

Was responsible for securing and closing domestic acquisitions to help foster explosive growth to excess of $1,000,000,000 North America-wide.

Navigated through two re-brandings while instilling best practices to achieve substantial consolidated savings of over $825,000 per year while doubling Canadian sales to over $15,000,000.

To gain acceptance in a crowded market, opened the first full-function service in Canada to significantly reduce customer’s human capital.

To achieve market penetration and take advantage of customer demand opened additional offices causing expense reduction by 31% while increasing revenue by 27%.

To augment organic growth integrated acquisitions, internal call-centers, central services and linked technologies facilitating an 18% increase to bottom line, with top line growth of over 36%.

Created policies and procedures to allow for profitably running business with independent contractors.

Secured funding to open state-of-the-art fulfillment center to draw top tier clients to achieve record operating profits nearing $1,000,000 annually.


As Vice President (sporting goods)

Strategized concept and charged with tactical roll out of new business unit to increase corporate brand width, additionally creating service verticals to increase share of customer to increase customer life value resulting in $750k annualized sales in 90 days.

Involved with cash-flows and resource allotments resulting in beating forecast of over $1,000,000 in sales the first year, with over $3,000,000 annualized in the pipeline Q1 Y2 with a $10,000,000 Y3 forecast.

Created strategic and tactical business and marketing plans including Web 2.0, social media and educational-based marketing concepts to gain market awareness resulting in securing over 1,000 qualified leads and in the process leading to the shuttering of one competitor.

Initiated world-wide product distribution by joining relevant organizations to expand network by adding 18 independent reps to cover Asia, Europe and North America, further solidifying company presence in multiple markets in 5 languages.

Ensured of ethical and moral permission-based opt-in marketing to gain rapid brand recognition by adhering to stringent CMA, CSPA standards, resulting in a data base of over 11,000 accepting, enthusiastic and loyal followers.


As Senior Vice President (building products )

Earned loyalty from clients through personal technical selling, ensuring inclusion of products in specs leading to professional market awareness of over 70% in just 2 years.

Created long-term value by gaining inclusion in higher education course content at colleges and universities, as well as in best selling do-it-yourself books, ensuring future recognition as legitimate building technologies and thus immortalizing brands driving future sales.

Appeared on TV to elevate products legitimacy to be consumer driven, resulting in record breaking 50% quarter over quarter sales increases, year over year.

Designed training and educational solutions for all levels of a multi-channel network providing for future self-education, resulting in dynamic product intelligence and over $7,000,000 in sales Y3.

Crafted dedicated Web sites, content and pricing to ensure market-friendly competition between distributors to allow for stable channel pricing while allowing for volume distribution through big box retailers.


As Chief Marketing Officer (nanotech  industry)

Established a world-wide agent and dealer network for product flow through leading to increased exposure and additional sales.

Released management tools to effectively quote million-dollar applications understanding where GP’s lie and eliminating unprofitable proposals.

Created sales collateral, rolling out micro-media, and designed Web site architecture for increased customer experience, positioning the company as an expert in its field.

Designed the distribution channel  concept, strategic business plan and implemented tactical attack on the market to identify  early adopters and gain  buy-in for this NextGen technology.

Increased significantly the sales pipeline and revenue stream by restructuring reporting procedures and creating new pricing tools.

Restructured frustrated agent and dealer arrangements, removing non-producers, and through the use of relevant and unified agreements listing KPI’s and milestones for effective monitoring and measurement. increased the networks interest and generated additional opportunities.


As Vice President (3PL warehousing)

Scripted forward thinking strategy and tactical plan to entice and secure increased share of customer through the use of unique sales approach, marketing collateral, and social media go-to-market initiatives.

Restricted market segments to minimize liability and maximize flow through by selecting inner pick, dry goods, retail-based sector as primary driver.

Presented  sales and training seminars as well as spoke at industry association and social events to help raise awareness.

Championed logistics programs and initiatives ensuring they operated within budget within a multi-platform service grid including PPF, short-term storage, cross-dock services and kitting.

Recommended, planned, developed, implemented and led sales initiatives and customer experience programs designed to grow revenue through proper pricing matrix, operational standards and customer service policies.

Provided training and direction to all levels of operations, marketing, administration and dales departments to ensure adherence to integrated target objectives, policies and procedures including spearheading complete PRM process to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Developed and managed CRM databases used for various marketing, sales strategic planning and tactical implementation and customer experience analysis leading to creation of niche market offerings.





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