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Often you cannot see the forest for the trees. Those close to you may not be in a position to give honest advise for fear of repercussion, let alone work on a task that may not be endearing to fellow  co-workers.

Text Box: Like an athlete, business owners and managers often require coaching. Lifestyle, health and personal coaching are important. But we spend 1/2 our lives at work. Business coaching is the 4th pillar.

There are many ways to get a product to market. Some would say that quickest is best. But truly  the ‘best’ is quickest. Like the products you sell, there, to, is a science and technique in getting rabid clients.

Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker

Text Box: My experience involves products & services— in operating & tactile functions— at  executive & mid-level positions.
25 years of  cumulative, diverse, real world, material business experience
10 years as an entrepreneur with up to 300 staff, 3 divisions and multiple locations
9 of the past 15 years have been corporate, managing companies or brands and reporting to board of directors 
3 of those were working for a public US firm who purchased my private company
6 of the 9 years were dedicated to expanding new enterprises in Canada
Managed strategic market approach, tactical execution, public relations and most things in between
Started up new ventures
Identified and integrated mergers and acquisitions into operating companies 
Always increased Sales and Profitability
Text Box: This involves any operating position that is material to the development of the company including C-level, President,  General Manager or Directors. If the position directs policy, it is material.
Text Box: This takes on new meaning with today’s Web 2.0 and social media. It is safe to say that you need to reach out, touch your target market and take their temperature so sales can deliver a relevant product.
Text Box: It is common knowledge that a company’s bottom line can be rewarded by the effective management of supply chain logistics. However, failing to do so can vaporize  many months of hard effort.
Text Box: It is essential to study your order data.  You must ensure the analytics  you receive are properly decoded to effectively create new products to maximizing share of customer and customer life value— or risk not!
Text Box: Sales is the only revenue generating activity within a company. This is not to say that sales people are the only ones who generate them– but an effective company has strategies for every department to help out.


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General Management





Business Advisor

Product Launching

General Overview

Senior Executive Positions Held

Chief Executive Officer of personal operating company

Chief Marketing Office of private nanotech coatings company

President of private logistics firm

President of public transportation company

Vice President of private sporting goods distributor

Senior Vice President of private building products  company

Vice President of private warehousing & transportation enterprise

Non Executive Director of listed mining company

Director of private software enterprise

Consultant and advisor to over 30 independent companies

Sales Agent for manufacturers in multiple sectors

Interim Senior Executive in various capacities for several firms

“Everything counts.”