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The recruitment industry isnít keeping pace with the needs of even the largest companies, says this in-depth study of 102 senior directors and HR managers. Despite over 80% of companies having established relationships with retained agencies, 60% struggle to find executives with the right experience. It quantifies that companies lose two full years of senior executive time per annum, because they canít find people fast enough. Other topics include recruitment spend by category, toughest roles to fill, and specific challenges faced by smaller organizations.

Interim Management
This report explores the types of organizational change which often result in an interim manager being required, day rates and utilization of interim managers themselves, and the diverse benefits clients derive from leveraging interims. Our latest report includes a new section on interim managers in private equity backed companies. It explores trends in interim management including current and historical day rates and utilization, demographics of interim managers (age, gender, length of experience, geographic location, primary area of functional expertise) and the diverse benefits clients derive from leveraging interims.

Social Networking Sites in Recruitment
Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are playing an increasing role in helping people maintain and leverage their personal and professional networks. Theyíre playing a growing role in recruitment as well. Does the hype match the reality? Find out in this new report from Executives Online. Drawing on research among over 1,200 UK senior executives, Fundamental Shift or Flash-in-the-Pan: The Use of Social Networking Sites in Recruitment aims to answer such questions as what sites executives are using, how they rate them, how effective they are in hiring and job-seeking, and their potential to transform the recruitment landscape.

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