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Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker

· Promoted Direct Marketing as a vehicle for increasing revenues and for improving margins to key account managers and to sector managers in the sales and serve organization

· Helped sales and served to better understand the competitive advantages and potential value added that could be offered to customers

· Contributed to the development of analytical tools and apply tools to analyze the breakdown of advertising spend in different industry sectors and with a cross-section customers

· Developed comparative analyses and rationales designed to increase share of mind and share of customer advertising budgets by demonstrating superior ROI and identifying trends in industry

· Developed comprehensive understanding of ad agency and marketing industry sectors and the potential for the use in sectors and with clients

· Established effective and positive working relationships with colleagues in the organization

· Supported and facilitated the organization in selling products and services by providing sales with high value added sales strategies and rationales, sales supports and tools that make it efficient, effective and compelling for sales to sell products and services

· Assist, support and accompany sales on presentations to customers and potential customers

· Presented marketing opportunities and research to customers

· Conducted pilot projects and test drives in customer environments to demonstrate to customers the advantages of increasing the share of customer spend with company

· Developed sophisticated approached to winning proposals in response to potential business opportunities, including the tools and methods to deliver high quality proposals in a consistent and timely manner

· Contributed to effective sales funnel management practices in order to ensure a steady stream of qualified business opportunities for direct marketing

· Executed the LOB sales strategy and plan and contributed effectively to achieving quotas

· Keep abreast of trends and developments as part of a self directed continuous learning and professional development process

· Took advantage of training and development opportunities, and contribute to the professional growth and development of others by sharing expertise

· Developed and maintained effective and productive working relationships with colleagues

· Over twenty years of project management experience

· Over twenty years experience as a practitioner in a direct response and CRM-driven professional marketing environment, with major customers of various services, developing and executing campaigns including data and targeting, creative, and strategy

· Excellent communication, presentation and influencing skills

· Computer proficiency in typing, Microsoft Office, and mind mapping

· Adept at data manipulation with solid database knowledge

· Outstanding marketing communication skills

· Superior project management skills

· Sound judgment and problem solving abilities

· Self motivated and driven to achieve goals

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