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Biography for C.W. Ray Bakker

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“I have treated Ray like my brother and he has given everything in return. His loyalty, effort and dedication to my business have been exemplary. His processes, tools and general management abilities have been welcomed and warming and I can truly say that we are a much better company for his efforts. He has put us on such solid footing, that the benefits of his efforts will be felt for many years to come.”……………….………………………………
Peter Tung, CEO, eTime Energy Inc.………………………………….…………………………………………...………...……………………………………………………………………………...

“Ray was tasked with the responsibility of adding to the Quik X Group’s diverse client offerings by working with Quik X to add a warehouse division. AXiom Warehousing opened for business at the beginning of April, 2011. Ray built an exceptional team; this team created a highly functional and exceptionally user friendly warehouse environment. Ray was creative and diligent in putting together a broad spectrum marketing strategy. He is detail oriented and has excellent organizational skills.”
Jeff King, Executive VP and CFO, Quik X Group of Companies


“Ray has been instrumental in providing specific departmental tools to assist all managers, and eTime in general, to more effectively engage our target markets. His streamlining of internal functions, and his dedication to understanding the nuances of the marketing, sales and operational functions of eTime's’ products has produced the highest inflow of proposals in the company’s short history. He has been instrumental in bringing eTime’s message to the broader market and in expanding our distribution network.”…………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………..
Sean Larmand, Director, Operations, eTime Energy Inc.


“I have always found Ray capable and decisive.  He knows what he can do and what he can’t.  He gives you the straight goods, and if he says he can do it, it will get done.  I believe Ray learns from every experience and creates new and effective processes to meet or exceed the expectations of his clients.  He succeeds where others might fail, and does it with vision and integrity.  He takes personal ownership of these efforts, even when they are for others. I have no trepidation in recommending Ray to any organization that might look at him to fulfill a need or role.  He is smart, a pleasure to deal with, and his track record speaks volumes about the type of person he is.” here we go again  having to add to Jim Berneche, VP, Distribution Operations, Cardinal Health Canada


“When Ray first approached me to discuss how our company, Sales Factor, had a great value proposition but that no one knew about it because our only form of marketing was using salespeople, I knew I had to hire him. He created a 10 point list of marketing ideas that were easy to implement and manage. I'm happy to say we have implemented 6 of the 10 and that we are working on the next 4. This initiative has allowed us to introduce two new revenue streams and grow our business by about 16% in the first year after implementation. I'd recommend Ray to anyone looking for out of the box creative marketing strategies. Thanks Ray””……PP……………………ppppppPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Gino Sette, President, Sales Factor Enterprises PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

“Ray’s unique approach and systematic method of achieving product success is unparalleled. He has the creative ability to formulate no nonsense, fact based, efficient educational solutions resulting time and time again in unprecedented and sustainable product sales growth. I had the pleasure and benefit of working with Ray during one of his many operational growth experiences. The personal enrichment gained from his knowledge and experience to this day has proven invaluable. He was instrumental in my acquisition of my current employment position, and I consider him to be my Mentor and an excellent Business Coach. Any company acquiring the services of Ray Bakker will reap multiple benefits well into the future.” I had to type stuff here because there was space
Tony Kern, Manager, Building Mechanical Systems, University of Toronto


“As a client I found Ray's personal approach very refreshing and professional when negotiating our 4PL contract. He was very respectful and understood our wants and needs, and at the same time looked after his company's long terms desires. I would highly recommend Ray to anyone looking for a professional, highly motivated individual with exceptional relationship management skills.”.”……………………...………………………….…....
Collette Dagenais, National Account Manager, Supply Chain Services, Livingston Integrated Logistics


“It is great having you as our CMO and expanding our horizons from being an exclusive product distributor to a licensed manufacturer and creating a North America-wide network of agents and dealers. Your systems, marketing strategy and plan execution are quickly starting to pay dividends and we look forward to very positive results. Thanks for your tireless efforts and dedication in immersing into our products and culture. You are a trusted advisor, and a conscientious and free-thinking executive. Keep it up.”
Lou Panigas, Partner, eTime Energy Inc.”


“Ray is one of those sales professionals that you don't come across too often. His continued  product education mixed with his extreme and above average delivery skills makes him one of those guys you want on your team. I would go to battle with Ray again  anytime.”

John Bennett, Director of Sales, Serious Materials, Inc.


“Ray is an extremely competent executive who possesses a highly developed business acumen. He is an effective communicator capable of conveying meaning to practically any subject. A team player and mentor he goes about his duties and functions in a deliberate and diligent fashion. These traits and his congenial attitude make him an excellent candidate for any business endeavor.”

Michael Cichon, Vice President, Kinti Mining Limited


“As the first exclusive Canadian distributor for our Quiet-brand line of products, Ray was instrumental in achieving record market penetration. His knowledge of the Canadian market, as well as his diverse marketing experience allowed for coast-to-coast expansion leading to significant brand-awareness. While we focused on penetrating the US market, we relied on Ray and his initiative to become familiar with our brand, its technology and consumer benefits in rolling out the products in Canada. The tactical and strategic execution of his marketing and distribution plan exceeded our needs as a manufacturer and lead to unprecedented growth. I would recommend Ray to anyone looking for a marketing concept to brand a new or rebrand an existing product.”

Pam Preston, Vice President, Sales, Quiet Solution, LLC


“As a result of his efforts, our company now has gone from having 0 dealers to over 75 dealers carrying the product Canada-wide; we were featured three times on Holmes on Homes on HGTV, with Ray being our on-air personality; and we achieved unprecedented awareness of the products with architects, engineers, and designers. Ray is not only good at developing effective strategies, but he has also shown a willingness to ensure all strategies are properly executed.” hi there I needed to fill the space up
Anthony Milonas, President & CEO, SounDivide Incorporated


“From e-campaigns to dedicated web-site design and target marketing, Ray achieved over 75% market awareness in a little over 2 short years, culminating in the successful spinoff of the business to one of North Americas largest building products manufacturers.”
Rick Grass, CEO, Western Products Group


“I have engaged Ray’s  services as a consultant prior to setting up my corporation. Ray provided invaluable advice as to my corporate structure, finance, marketing/sales, operations, and customer service functions which resulted in phenomenal sales results! I would highly recommend Ray's services as he is a dedicated, results oriented professional with excellent marketing and managerial skills that will benefit any type of company in today's competitive environment. I would be pleased to further discuss Ray's corporate talents.” hi there I needed to fithr here I need more ell
Dirk Rigby, President, Express Air-Marine Transport Inc.


“I wanted to update you as to the progress I am making in my career expansion as a result of our collaboration. As you know, I was being called more often to do personal and group LEED coaching, in addition to my mainstay business as an agency rep for several exclusive building products. Your suggestions, design and roll out of RGIntegration.com has allowed me the flexibility to grow both sides of my business. This would not have transpired without your timely input and guidance… thank you so much!” well
Renιe Gratton, President, RG Integration Inc.

“Indirectly I connected with Ray in businesses several years ago, when I was prospecting for clients as a representative of a large North American courier company. As a direct competitor, he managed a customer-centric approach so agile and adept that it was impossible to lure business away due to the client loyalty he had fostered through his services. Several years later I met Ray personally, and learned that he had owned that regional courier business but had subsequently sold it. Since then he has successfully brought other products and services to market. Ray embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and backs it up with solid marketing and business acumen. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.” hi here I needed to fill in the space a bit here
teve Webb, Senior Sales Planning Analyst, Federal Express Canada Ltd.


“I am always impressed at Ray’s innovative ability to promote products to a successful position in the market place.  Ray acts positively to constructive feedback by constantly trying to improve his knowledge in all areas.  He is constantly taking courses to up-grade his professional skills. His professionalism and enthusiasm are demonstrated in his past work experiences and in his personal life.  Ray motivates and will go the “extra mile” to make the people and product successful.  With his willingness to be successful and his great energy, he will take the lead and motivate others.” I had to type other stuff here as   Joanne Rooke, Guidance and Co-op Counsellor, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School


“Ray you have been a great sounding board for when I have had to make impactful business decisions over the years. Your clear-headed strategical advice, and your road maps to achieve the results were always realistic. And thanks also for the creative literature and marketing tools you designed and produced during that time. They were instrumental in generating client participation in our special events which were always fully attended. I have recommended you to many people – and look to working with you for many years to come.” needefill in some space here so I am  adding words here
Tony De Francesca, President & Owner, Nardinis Salon and Spa

“I have worked with Ray in different capacities for a number of years. As an employer he was conscientious and assisted with my personal and business development as I established my roots in Canada. He later supported me in the creation and direction of my business. For these things I am very grateful. Ray has a creative mind and is able to plan the execution of his goals with accurate long-term milestones. His visions come to life through continual improvement as he manages through the details for a great finished product, whether it be a sales approach, marketing collateral or eCommerce. I have never seen someone with the ability to launch products and reinvent themselves as Ray does, and I think it speaks loudly on his ability to not only see what the market needs, but how to get the market to adopt his ideas and buy the products he is selling and marketing. I recommend Ray highly.”
.                                  .                     ”…………………….
Sushil Bhalla, President, UniqueIT Technical Solutions Inc.


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